about our grips

Can your grips do this?

Our plastic mix is unlike anything in the world today. While everyone else is chasing the “semi rigid” urethane mirage of perfection, we’ve chosen “semi flexible” instead.

We think this is the best mix for screw-ons. They’ll never chip or crack like so many others, and the flex allow incredigrips to contour curved surfaces. Not only is this cool and fun, but it opens surfaces of your wall to setting that may never have had a grip before. Nothing else in the world can do this.

This mix is not new and we are not experimenting with it. Three climbing grip brands from the 00s produced with this mix (Crater, e-Grips, Ruckus) and many of those grips are still in service across the country. This was before Aragon, Element, Habit or Atomik got into the business, so when you see an old Crater you know it's stood the test of time!

Alongside a flexible mix comes a gentle texture. Incredigrips will not shred your tips! This is great for long sessions.

If the precise color is important to you, please contact climb@incredigrips.com before ordering. We have a unique selection of colors available including our standard Day Glo colors which are blacklight reflective and have been used in every Spot Psychedelia since it began in 2003.

In a word, I aim for "versatility" in my shaping. That comes in two basic forms: designing for flexibility, and making each shape multi-functional.

Our flexi mix is so unique, there are truly new shape styles to be explored that have never been possible before. Take a look at my extra small rails as the best example so far - over half of these shapes will contour a 30-degree curve! But even my XL rail #5 can flex incredibly, as well as other shapes across the size spectrum. I try to incorporate thinner spots in the middle of longer shapes - these are designed to improve flexibility.

I also like my grips to be reversible or duo-directional. Especially as a homewall owner, it expands the range of your collection. As a commercial setter, I often took it as a challenge to use popular grips "upside down", to force movement off the lesser features of the grip. Many of my shapes accommodate that strategy - there's a "good" side and "bad" side.

Our small local factory has been manufacturing quality polyurethane products since the 80s. Based in Colorado, they pour each grip by hand before finishing and delivering to us. We carefully inspect each one, and then drill perfect holes. No outsourced quality control. No shortcuts. Same as the old days.

Our grips are proudly made in the U.S.A.!

Made in U.S.A.