founder story

Rennak familyWe are a climbing family, and this is our second climbing grip business. Scott has been in the climbing business for 20 years and started the award-winning Crater Holds (1997-2003) and the comp circuit American Bouldering Series (2000-2015). Lily and Ridge have been raised around climbing with two climber parents and a sweet garage homewall. Together we're excited to bring back a unique climbing grip concept: soft plastic screw-ons.

We are a very small family-run business. That box of grips you receive may just have been prepared by one of our industrious 5 or 6 year old owners. We make decisions and handle work together, and most of the money we make is going toward college. But at least 2% of sales also goes to charities that we believe in (right now that's the BCC). And a little is for toys and candy.

Special thanks to our good friends Ian, Jackie, Steph and the whole Kilter team for making us feel at home (and letting us use their tools and make messes in their place).