orders & shipping

We pack boxes weekly on Wednesdays and ship out on Thursdays. If you need more immediate turnaround please send an email to climb@incredigrips.com and we will do our best to accommodate. We also do not carry a large inventory, so we may not have your set/color available to ship immediately. It takes 30-60 days to deliver orders that are not in stock. Thanks for your patience! Use code ANYCOLOR to get 10% off and ensure fastest possible turnaround (not for color requests).

We ship via USPS, UPS or FedEx within the US, rates are below. If you're outside the US your rates are calculated based on USPS shipping. Questions? Please email climb@incredigrips.com before placing your order.

  • $15 - up to $200
  • $25 - up to $400
  • FREE - $400 and over

If you're planning to spend at least $200 and can meet us in Boulder you can avoid shipping/handling (and can also pick from our current inventory). Email climb@incredigrips.com to make an appointment. We love to meet our customers face-to-face.

We have selection of colors available including our standard Day Glo colors which are blacklight reflective and have been featured in every Spot Psychedelia since it began in 2003. If the precise color is important to you, please contact climb@incredigrips.com before ordering. If you don't mind a mix of colors use code ANYCOLOR for 10% off.

We do not include screws. Screw choice varies widely depending on the attachment surface and personal preference. You probably already have a bunch of screws that you like to use.

You may be startled by the sounds when your first box of incredigrips arrives. Boxes of climbing grips usually don't rattle!?! People have said it sounds like a box of Legos. It's a side effect of our minimalist packaging ethos, and our grips are so tough we know they can handle it. Pour them out, cut the strings and start setting!

We endeavor to use sustainable materials whenever possible. That's why most of our packing materials are recyclable or compostable: each set is bound by twine (instead of a thick plastic bag) and voids in the shipping box are filled with kraft paper.

Get 10% off any order if you don't have a color request using code ANYCOLOR. And if you purchase at least $500 use coupon code VOLUME to get 20% off your order. Only one discount can be applied per order. Yes, we can offer deeper discounts for larger purchases. Please email us at climb@incredigrips.com with questions.

We are a brand new company but we fully stand behind our product. This same mix from 2001 is still in service around the country, so we are confident you will get a long life out of your incredigrips. But please understand: our thinner grips are designed to flex around corners. If you flex them too much, they can break, so be careful and read our installation tips before putting them up. That said, if you have a problem with any of our grips we will make it right.

We are a tiny company and unfortunately cannot support your comp or event. Well... if you're a customer... and if you're hosting a fundraiser for a good cause... we might be able to help. We're suckers for a good cause, and we can only support our customers.