our colors

We currently offer the colors below at no cost, and "any mixed colors" orders will have an assortment of those below (use code ANYCOLOR for 10% off your order). We do not stock every set in every color, and it can take 30-60 days to deliver custom orders.

Please email climb@incredigrips.com before ordering if colors are very important to you. We welcome all color requests and try our best to accommodate.

We can color match for $200/color (waived for large orders), and we are working to expand our "industry standard" color selection. Additional descriptions below.

incredigrips colors

1) Day Glo pink (blacklight reflective): slightly darker than 11-25
2) Day Glo orange (blacklight reflective): VERY CLOSE to 14-11
3) Day Glo yellow (blacklight reflective): slightly darker than 15-09
4) Day Glo green (blacklight reflective): VERY CLOSE to 16-18, slightly darker than 16-16
5) Day Glo blue (blacklight reflective): slightly darker than 13-14 and 13-18
6) Red: slightly darker than 10-11
7) Orange: VERY CLOSE to 14-01, slightly lighter than 16-16
8) Yellow: VERY CLOSE to 15-01
9) Light green: slightly darker than 16-08
10) Dark green: VERY CLOSE to 16-13, slightly darker than 16-16
11) Teal
12) Light blue: slightly lighter than 13-15
13) Dark blue: slightly darker than 13-14
14) Light purple
15) Maroon
16) Purple: slightly darker than 17-18
17) Light brown: slightly lighter than 11-30
18) White: slightly darker than 12-01
19) Light grey: slightly darker than 18-12
20) Black: VERY CLOSE to 18-03